Beer, Pub & Food @ Keg & Brew

Milestone: We have officially been married 1 whole month!  I’ve realized the best part of being married is the automatic celebration day you are awarded the rest of your life each month. It’s the best! Since it was a work night and the hubby wasn’t feeling too good (change of weather and all), we went to Keg & Brew in Surry Hills that is a convenient 3 minute walk from Central Train Station! Perfecto!

screenshot_128We hopped our usual Town Hall train to Central and headed over to Keg & Brew. One thing that I love about  Australia are the pubs. When I first arrived, they kind of reminded me of a casino. They have that same red carpet and old feel to them and serve food! Austin has some great restaurants and bars, but none really mix the two well. Bars don’t serve food, so it’s just drinking and partying. Restaurants have happy hour, but you can’t be dancing around til the end of the night. We really need someone to open up a great pub in Austin!

So  Keg & Brew has a country/rustic theme going on. For some reason Victor is amazed by stuffed animal heads that are often associated with Texas and this pub had three huge animal heads hanging so that was pretty neat.

IMG-20150408-WA0046 IMG-20150408-WA0047 IMG-20150408-WA0048








kegandbrewWe found out that there is actually a decent happy hour in Australia at Keg & Brew. $4 craft beers 5-7pm. That may not sound like much and actually might sound pricey to people back in America, but let me tell you, it’s a really great deal! We will have to come back one day when we don’t work the next day!IMG-20150408-WA0040

We ordered the Wednesday special Pulled Pork Po-boy and some chicken wings along with a couple of beers. The atmosphere was vibrant, lots of people eating and chatting away along with tv and music blasting. I guess I must be getting old because I felt like it was a bit too loud for myself, but I think it was probably the afterwork stress of wanting some quiet.

IMG-20150408-WA0041The food came out and was pretty tasty for
the price. Great value for the price and we found a great green salsa that we LOVED. We almost wanted to take it because it’s that hard to find a decent green salsa in Australia! I can’t remember the name of the bottle, so I need to go back there and get it! It’s hard being a Texan out here, salsas are hard to come by!

It was a great simple night to celebrate our first month being an old married couple ❤

Cheers to many more!

Happy pub going!




Weekend Trip to the Blue Mountains’ Three Sisters Part 1

IMG_4324I’m really happy I was able to visit the Blue Mountains before leaving Australia. My first roomie I had in Sydney, Simona had invited me to go to the Blue Mountains last July, but I was too lazy to go (highly regretted it). I had been asking Victor to go with me, but his response was that he’s from Colombia where mountains are plentiful! So, I thought I was going to miss out.

GETTING TO THE BLUE MOUNTAINS Luckily, my friend Amadeo and his friend Logan were traveling to the Blue Mountains on Sunday and invited us to go. I told Victor we should go because we would probably regret not going. Also note, that the direct two-hour train ride that usually goes to the Blue Mountains was closed for track work so we had to take a train to Blacktown and then catch a bus to Katoomba. Normally, I would’ve let my laziness kick in, given that it was a hassle, but I’m glad we didn’t. And even though, it took close to two and a half hours to get to the Blue Mountains it was well worth it!

DSC_0058KATOOMBA was such a lovely small town. In order to get to the Three Sisters, we had to walk 30 minutes up to Echo Point passing through a neighborhood. I mentioned to Amadeo that it was strange because usually we go through a trail or some sort of IMG_4300obstacles to get to a view like the Three Sisters. Not in this case!

THREE SISTERS When we arrived at the top of Echo point, the view was immediately breathtaking. I don’t know how or why looking out at trees and mountains and big rocks can get you feeling all sorts of awe and inspirational feelings. Nature is truly a beautiful crazy thing. The Three Sisters and the Blue Mountains were nothing short of stunning and amazing in their simplicity.



If you’re ever in Sydney or backpacking through, I highly recommend taking a day or two to visit the Blue Mountains area and Three Sisters. You won’t be disappointed!

Stay tuned for Part 2 that explains how the Three Sisters got their name and the story behind them.


Happy Mountain and Rock sight seeing!




2015 Vivid Light, Music & Ideas Festival

14442765146_ab4ea5662f_bVIVID SYDNEY  is upon us! It’s that time of the year in Sydney, where the city lights up, music plays and ideas + creativity are celebrated and talked about. All of Sydney’s iconic architecture is lit up with colorful light projections! This is one of the many reasons I love Sydney. The city finds creative ways to celebrate their culture and creativity! What is better than that?! I missed out on last year’s Vivid Sydney, so I’m soaking it all in this year.screenshot_141

Vivid Sydney runs 22 May – 8 June. Check out the handy guides for all light, music and idea events going on during the festival if you’re in Sydney.

Happy Vivid watching and thinking!


photo credit: VIVID, XXXII via photopin (license)